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Music in Osmace 

In 2006, Crea Thera - then called 'Mother' - started a summer camp for children in Srebrenica. 11 years after the war and the genocide. At the end, a music theater piece was performed in the cultural center. ​


In 2008, the non-profit organization Crea Thera International was founded and a permanent therapeutic center in Srebrenica started. A team of Belgian and Dutch creative therapists set to work with music, theater, dance and show moments.


From 2010 Crea Thera also provided elsewhere in Bosnia-Herzegovina music, therapeutic and art activities and introductions  


In 2019, the Bosnian branch of Crea Thera was put on hold. The Bosnian team failed to run the organization financially independently. The interest from care institutions and schools was also too limited.  


Osmace is a small remote mountain village in the Srebrenica region with a primary school for about 20 children. It is the place where Crea Thera once gave the first workshops.


During the civil war of the 1990s, the village was attacked by the Serbian army. Those who could,  fled to the center of Srebrenica. Everyone knows the drama that unfolded afterwards.


Children who survived then are now parents themselves and they live in Osmace again. Crea Thera provides a music project for their children.


Every year - in spring and autumn - there is a musical week with a diverse offer: singing, playing instruments, theater exercises…, with a show moment for the local community at the end. ​

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